Deltacopy Error 116

DeltaCopy – Connection Errors – When I try to connect the Deltacopy client >on the W2003 box to the Deltacopy Server on my desktop, … Connection timed out >(116)”. > >I open port 873/tcp on the windows firewall on my xp desktop and then the error changes >to “Unable to establish connection. rsync: …

original title: Windows 7 Bluescreen hello i have just purchased this computer for gaming and i keep getting bluescreen error’s it happend not so often at first but when i started playing APB which

I am assuming that when you install DeltaCopy on the client side, … (116) rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at /home/lapo/packaging/rsync-3..4-1/src/rsync-3..4/clientserver.c(122) [sender=3.0.4] Error in socket I/OProfile ‘rlb office documents’ executed in 105110 milliseconds.

Question: I am running into connection problems with DeltaCopy. What can I do? Answer: DeltaCopy has two modules: Client and Server. Often the client is not able to talk to the server and you get an error similar to the following:

I have DeltaCopy server set up on my desktop and haven’t been able to work out how to ‘connect’ to it with RSYNC on the FSG. … (116)) Any help would be … rsync error: error in IPC code (code 14) at io.c(1122) …

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