Cogi Error M7

COGI error message M7 021 | SCN – Hi. Please check for the header material if stock is available in QI stock in MMBE. If yes then you have to do the usage decision of the inspection lot to move the stock from QI to unrestricted and then you can do the requried clerance in COGI.

In OPK4 it is ‘E’ when overdelivery, this inturn prevents overconfirmations and thus COGI errors. In our instance, it is prevents overconfirmations but COGI entries are noticied.

Where may I find a listing of error code numbers with definitions for t-code “COGI”? This is for automatic goods receipt into the warehouse.

PP SAP Consultant needs help regarding COGI Error – Message No. M7 022 We are noticing in COGI errors with

Monday, February 4, 2013

COGI: Change of movement type results in error M7 226 STechno. Extra Large Large Normal . Contact … Vous êtes ici : Home Top Notes Note 871654. Note 871654 – COGI: Change of movement type results in error M7 226. Header; Version / Date: 2 / 2005-08-24: Priority: Correction with low priority …

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