Cics Exci Dpl Error

The CICS® Transaction Gateway writes trace entries to the EXCI trace. The trace entries are in the CICS trace EXCI format, … Cics_Rc: 8011: JVDLL: Exc: DPL_REQUEST error: 1 RESP 2 RESP2 3 ABCODE 4 Cics_Rc: 8013: JVDLL: Exc: Invalid call type: 1 Thread name 2

… Whilst processing a DPL request, an error occurred in the CICS server region, resulting in an abort FMH7 flow being returned to the external CICS interface. … EXCI linking transaction needs to be defined in a special way. Dont use the actual program name. Top.

Mar 10, 2011 · Abend CICS AALM Abend CICS – An error (INVAlid, disaster or unexpected exception response) has occurred on a call to the log manager (lm) ……

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An EXCI job issues EXEC CICS LINK to do a EXCI call to an online CICS region. That call receives an INVREQ response, x’E0′.

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CICS® Transaction Server for OS/390® CICS Application Programming Guide Release 3 SC33-1687-02 IBM…

To list: We invoked DSNACICS from a client to trigger a CICS program. We received the following message. We are at DB2 v7. DSNA305I the CICS EXCI DPL_REQUEST failed….

AACA. Explanation: An invalid error code has been passed to the DFHTFP or DFHACP programs. System Action: CICS terminates the task abnormally with a dump….

DPL call; Close-Pipe; … To support a given EXCI application, the CICS Systems Programmer would have to define the system interface. … (Am getting compilation error) am using EXCI calls in my COBOL batch program to call the already existing Online API.

CICS TG sends an ECI request via EXCI to a CICS server on a different LPAR. If the target CICS server is active, but

IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.1 offers improved integration, application transformation, and enterprise management IBM United States Software Announcement 204-285

In this CICS tip, mainframe expert Robert Crawford outlines how to use External Call Interface (EXCI) to access CICS from anywhere on the mainframe….

With the exception of the APPLID and RETCODE parameters, the external CICS interface parameters for an EXEC CICS LINK command are the same as for a CICS-CICS DPL command.

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